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Putting the "FUN" back into Tactical (Dynamic) Shooting.

We love to be invited to your private shooting area!  Our goal is to come out and meet your shooting friends and make them our shooting friends.  We come ready to show you how fun shooting can be as well as a few other things:

1 - Product Demos

2 - Product Comparisons

3 - Teach Dynamic shooting drills/safety

We come to share our shooting experiences with you as well as let you see what our products are all about.  We aim to give you new ways to enjoy your shooting experience so that it doesn't become stagnant and boring.  It is not a firearms shooting course but a run through of how training can be fun as well as the body mechanics behind it.  Take what you want and leave the rest behind.  But it is sure to be a ton of fun and a learning experience for all.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews and thoughts on PGT products.